Brain Injury Rehabilitation

The main focus of rehabilitation is to help the patient to perform the activities of daily living safely and independently. With the help of family and medical professionals, rehabilitation is possible.

Surgical Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury

It is difficult to assess a brain injury just with your naked eye. There are instances that a minor injury can have a lot of bleeding. However, there are some major injuries that manifests no visual bleeding at all. It is vital to treat every head injury a serious emergency case and must be assessed by a health expert.

Acute Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury

Acute treatment of brain injury aims to stabilize the patient, minimize the secondary injury and provide life support. This stage focuses saving the patient’s life.

Initial Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury

The initial treatment immediately begins upon the patient’s arrival in the hospital. There are protocols and a team of medical professionals handle emergency head injury cases.