Brain Injury FAQs

These brain injury frequently asked questions provide quick answers including what a traumatic brain injury is, who is at risk, what the consequences are, how to prevent TBI, and what you can do if you or you loved one suffers from a traumatic brain injury.

How the Brain Functions

The brain controls our most important bodily functions — walking, talking, eating, breathing, etc. Learn about the different parts of the brain and how each part works to enable us to do the things that we need to do in our lives.

Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury


A brain injury can affect the victim in many ways, depending on the severity of the TBI. A minor brain injury can cause discomfort for many months but the long term effects of a severe head injury are more noticeable. People who suffer from a severe injury will experience long term complex problems. Their ability … Read more

Traumatic Brain Injury and Concussions


In the United States, three to four people suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI) every minute. Over one million people are treated every year for TBI in hospital emergency departments. Of these people, about 50,000 die and 80,000 are permanently disabled. Concussions versus Traumatic Brain Injury Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is damage to the brain … Read more