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MRI Machine for Brain Injury
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Medical technology is crucial in the diagnosis and the treatment of the different aspects of traumatic brain injury. It is very important in the swift analysis, immediate surgery and recovery plans of a patient.

The first few minutes after a severe brain injury is very critical. This is where the role of advanced medical technology is required. Medical technology not only covers the immediate action needed such as surgery right after obtaining the life threatening injury. It also refers to the extra cautious care of the patient’s delicate condition.

Rehabilitative care and therapy follows after the successful surgery and treatment of a severe brain injury in the hospital. This also requires appropriate medical technology.

There is a continuous search for a more advanced medical technology for the treatment of a traumatic brain injury. Health scientists and doctors never stop to discover new techniques and devices to lessen the impact of a head injury. Or to make initial treatment as effective and simple as it can to save more lives. The chances of survival of head injury victim increases with advanced medical technology and quality care either in the hospital or in the facility handling the recovery of the patient. Centers of excellence work everyday to discover advanced techniques and they have been known to achieve progress everyday.

Some equipment that has helped a lot in allowing the correct diagnosis of a brain injury are the following:

CT or CAT Scan

A computerized tomography or a computerized axial tomography equipment is a scanning device. It uses computer generated combinations of X-ray measurements of target area of subject from various angles to form tomographic images of the target areas.

The cross sectional images obtained through the medical imaging device is used for diagnostic and therapeutic actions for different medical disciplines including diagnosing traumatic brain injury patients.

CT scanning of the head is very effective in detecting hemorrhage and bone trauma for brain injury victims. These two conditions can be seen as dis-junction in bone windows.

The CT or CAT Scan machine can be small enough to be accommodated in an ambulance.


A magnetic resonance imaging device is used to generate images of the anatomy and physiological processes of the body. The scanning device uses powerful magnetic fields, radio waves and electric field gradients in forming the images of a body organ including that of an injured brain.

MRI has the same function as CT scan but does not make use of X-rays and ionizing radiation. It is said to be a better choice than CT scan in hospitals and clinics since it does not exposed the patient to radiation. However. there is a chance that MRI will provide a different perspective than what was obtained from the CT scan device.

MRI includes a narrow confining tube where the body of the patient is entered. Persons with metal implants are not  advised to undergo an MRI.

Intracranial Pressure Monitoring Device

This is a device that can reliably detect elevated intracranial pressure in a patient. It is a very essential equipment in managing traumatic brain injury. This screening device is also safe and convenient to use since it is completely non-invasive.

The monitoring device includes three near-infrared sensors, two of which are placed on the head while one is secured to the fingertip to provide a measure of intracranial pressure within few heartbeats.

It can be used either in the field or within a clinic to enable rapid assessment of intracranial pressure in post-concussion conditions.


This is a test to find out abnormalities in the electrical activity in a brain injury.

The non-invasive medical procedure records brain wave patterns using small metal discs with thin wires or electrodes. The wired discs are secured on the scalp to send signals obtained from the brain to the computer where results are recorded.

The presence of abnormal patterns indicates irregularities which may either be seizures or brain disorders.


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