Frontal Lobe Damage

The frontal lobe is the part of the brain that controls cognitive skills of the body. These cognitive skills include the emotions, memory, problem solving skills, judgment, language and sexual behavior. A frontal lobe brain injury can cause a huge change in a person’s emotional control. An aggressive behavior is usually manifested. In some cases lethargy is … Read more


Hypoxia is a term used when there is deficiency in the amount of oxygen that reaches the bodies tissues. It can be classified as generalized which affects the entire body. Or it can be localized, if it affects a certain part of the body only. When there is a complete oxygen deprivation in the body … Read more

Open Head Injury


An open head injury, which is also known as penetrating head injury, occurs when the dura matter or the outer layer of the head is punctured. The brain controls all body functions including your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Any damage to the brain means an impairment of body functions. In extreme cases, it can cause … Read more