Chemical Exposure

Chemical exposure can cause brain injury. A person may come in contact with hazardous substances when they are released to the environment. These chemicals may come from landfills, factories, industrial plants, incinerators, tanks or drums. A person can be exposed to chemicals in many ways. Among them are through inhalation, skin contact and ingestion. Hazardous … Read more

Workplace Accident

Is your workplace accident-proof? How can anyone tell? Brain injury from accidents can happen anytime and your workplace may not be as safe as you think it is. There are also many working areas whose management disregard building safety codes. This definitely endangers the lives of working individuals. And of course, a careless and clumsy … Read more

Slip and Fall

Slip and fall often happen to moving individuals either indoor or outdoors. It happens outdoor in many cases. An instance is when walking on an icy sidewalk. Or when walking on a wet and slippery road. Or stepping on a banana peeling on the street. A slight slip may only cause embarrassment but a slip … Read more

Auto Accident

A traffic collision or a motor vehicle collision is the most common auto accident. It has been recorded in 2013 that 54 million people were injured due to traffic collisions. There were a total of 1.4 million deaths due to car accidents at the same span of time.¬†Africa has the highest death rate while countries … Read more