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  • Traumatic brain injury is a leading cause of severe disability and death nationwide.

    With causes ranging from vehicle accidents, falls and violence, children and young adults are especially at risk. For those lucky enough to survive the initial brain injury, the so-called “golden hour” immediately following the brain injury is especially important. If not treated properly, the brain injury can increase in severity and risk changing the lives of the injured and their families forever.

  • With focus on rehabilitation, long term care and the search for emerging treatments, the struggle shouldered by families and love ones often go unrecognized. While the majority of brain injury survivors are able to recover and live independently, most still suffer a permanent disability requiring assistance with everyday activities, employment and even financing due to their brain injury.

    Without professional assistance, families are often left to manage the care of their loved one and face financial burdens they did not expect.
  • While treatment and recovery are determined by the severity of the brain injury,

    ...medical technology continues to advance in the areas of moderate and severe brain injury.

    Scientists and medical professionals are developing chemical and surgical treatments that can be administered through different stages after a brain injury to minimize the damage suffered and increase the likelihood of recovery.

  • The days and weeks immediately following a brain injury are certainly the most stressful for families and loved ones. With so many questions to be answered the search for help can become frantic and overwhelming. Sadly, many discover the brain injury could have been prevented, or even worse, was caused by the negligence of others. provides access to information regarding both the treatment and litigation processes and helps to evaluate damages that can be sought in a legal battle.