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Brain Injury Institute offers a wide variety of information, news and resources related to traumatic brain injury.

It also provides you with multiple learning tools to research and and to better understand this injury and the assistance that is available to you in dealing with a brain injury situation.

  • Brain InjuryHere are some of the most common questions about brain injury, including whether brain injuries are preventable, will the patient recover from a brain injury, will the patient be able to speak again, how much will it cost, and so on.
  • Brain Injury CausesA traumatic brain injury can occur as a result of numerous activities, accidents and risk factors. Here are some of the most common causes of brain injury.
  • Brain Injury SymptomsWhen it comes to head injuries, it’s best to play it safe. Symptoms of brain injury may occur immediately after the accidents, or several hours or days after. Look out for these common brain injury symptoms.
  • Brain Injury TreatmentsTraumatic brain injury is considered a medical emergency. It requires abrupt treatment and further monitoring as there are a lot of factors to watch out for depending on the severity of the head injury.
  • Brain Injury Types
  • Living with Brain InjuryA traumatic brain injury can be very devastating. It can greatly impact the victim physically, emotionally and financially. The burden is not only on the victim but also to the family.