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What Every Soldier’s Family Should Know about Traumatic Brain Injuries in the Military

Friday, September 07, 2012

It starts mildly during training, and often times becomes more pertinent in damages with long-term consequences as soldiers are exposed to activities that result in traumatic brain injuries. When soldiers are sent off to war, their physical and mental health are also compromised due to exposure to bombs, weapon artillery, blasts, and other strenuous and physical demands on the body. 

What Every Soldier’s Family Should Know about Traumatic Brain Injuries in the Military

According to the latest reports, soldiers suffering from traumatic brain injuries are not attended to properly by the medical facilities that support them due to “no reliable way to catch brain injuries” as reported by last year. Taking the initiative to make sure that your loved one is properly diagnosed, is to be informed about TBI, and understanding the symptoms that come with it.

Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms among Soldiers

When you have a military family member, what are the things that you should know about when it comes to TBI and the symptoms that can be identified? Knowing about these will or may help military patients to recover with lesser complications. Concussions and traumatic brain injuries occur when the head is shaken and the person suffers from loss of consciousness and become dazed or confused temporarily. It may not appear to be life threatening but can become fatal if not attended to immediately.

Common Symptoms of Persons Suffering From a Traumatic Brain Injury:

  • Oversleeping or Inadequate Sleep
  • Feeling tired very often
  • Lack of self awareness
  • Light and sound sensitive
  • Headaches
  • Focus and memory issues
  • Behavioral changes like irritable, frequent emotional outburst, and depression
For more information on TBI symptoms, please go here.

What to Do When These Symptoms on Traumatic Brain Injury Are Present

There are different ways to deal with these conditions. One of which includes legal means. As a soldier serving the federal government, there are possible legal implications that you might consider regarding treatment and financial support, this link will help you understand how it works -

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