The Effects of a Brain Injury

Brain injury may be a serious problem but its effect varies depending on the severity of the injury, the location and the type which determine the length of its existence, and whether if it is life threatening. or not. It is important to be familiar with all the effects in order to meet the need of the person mentally injured.

Brain injury has three different categories which needs to be analyze to be able to understand them:

  1. Physical Effects – As the brain is injured, some parts of the body will be affected depending on the location and severity. Some individuals will experience numbness to paralysis of extremities while some will not show any outward effects. Many individuals will recover from a brain injury without any noticeable physical disabilities which will only become visible with everyday activities. Nonetheless the effects will solely be determined by the severity of the injury.
  2. Cognitive Effects – A person who has brain injury usually has defect on the cognitive area or how the individual’s thought process, how fast he learns and what he can remember. The effects will depend on the location of the brain injury since there are different parts of the brain that connect to different mental abilities. Some cognitive effects may include difficulty concentrating, loss of short term memory, the inability to understand as well as the use of language. 
  3. Emotional Effects – This may be the most difficult effect of the brain injury; first, because of the emotions and behavior changes that will occur. The individual who has suffered a brain injury will definitely experience emotional and behavioral problems and many times it is more difficult for the family and caregivers than the injured person. For example, if the speech is affected, the injured individual will naturally become frustrated with the inability to form words or formulate thoughts that can be understood by others. This effect will require more time and patience by all who are directly associated with the injured individual.