Why Do I Need A Lawyer

Most individuals never consider what type of care they would choose for themselves or a loved one with a brain injury unless faced with the reality of such an event. A traumatic brain injury can be sustained in an instant. The result of this instantaneous life altering event can result in physical impairments as well as cognitive, social, emotional, and behavioral effects, which can be either recoverable or permanent in nature. No matter what the degree of severity, a brain injury brings with it medical bills and loss of work time and wages, coupled with physical and mental trauma. However, many individuals who endure the life changing event associated with a brain injury do not receive ample compensation for their injuries because they lacked proper legal representation. 

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Proper legal representation post injury affords the victim with the knowledge, education, and experience associated with this delicate field of litigation. In this, a lawyer can aide in proving liability, piloting through proper state law and procedure, helping the victim seek out the best medical care for their injury, obtaining a settlement and when necessary going to trial. A settlement in a brain injury case will subsidize continuing care of a victim who has sustained a brain injury and will help to accomplish the greatest quality of life in the months or years to come.

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