Finding the Right Lawyer

Each and every brain injury is different, as are the lawyers that represent the victims. Given that, the ultimate outcome of your pending lawsuit will have significant weight upon your long term health and well-being. Finding the right fit post-injury is an important step in the recovery process. 

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Seeking out legal representation for your injury can seem like an overwhelming and daunting task. However, there are several venues to look to when faced with the decision of which lawyer is right for you. To begin, friends, family, and other lawyers in the community can provide referrals. In addition, the state and local bar associations provide directories with comprehensive listings by area on local attorneys that specialize in various fields of law.

Specifically, there are several things to consider when seeking out the right legal representation for your brain injury:

  • How many cases has the attorney handled in the past five years that are similar to your own?
  • What has been the outcome in these cases?
  • How much of the practice is focused on brain injury representation?
  • Will the attorney be handling the case personally or will the work be outsourced to a partner or outside firm?
  • What is the attorney’s level of knowledge and skill in the brain injury field of litigation?
  • Is the attorney affiliated with any brain injury associations?
  • Is the attorney up to date on recent developments and changes in the brain injury field?

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