Changing to a New Lawyer

Legal representation is a personal relationship in which all parties involved need to feel comfortable and at ease. As the client, if you decide that your current lawyer is not the right fit for your personal needs, your right to discharge your lawyer is absolute. You do not need to have a reason and representation can be ceased at any time prior to the conclusion of your case. Regardless of the reasons behind your desire to terminate legal representation with your current attorney, the attorney needs to be promptly notified so that he or she can take the proper steps. This includes but is not limited to notifying the court where the case is pending of the change and gaining the court’s permission to do so. 

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As the client, you are entitled to retain the work product of your pending lawsuit to date. After releasing your former lawyer from representing you, all records and case information should be transferred to you or your new lawyer. It is important to remember however that all court deadlines and scheduled court dates are still in place and correspondence should be forwarded to your new lawyer.

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