Brain Injury Causes

It is a natural part of the human psyche to learn about a victim of a traumatic brain injury and wonder “how did it happen” or “could the brain injury have been prevented”. To the victim, however, the brain injury accident itself could be a vacant part of the memory purged to protect the mind from the trauma of the actual accident. To the family, the focus may more so be on “why did the accident happen in the first place”. Regardless, it is important to understand that traumatic brain injuries occur during a variety of unfortunate circumstances. Some are more common than others such as falls and auto accidents which account for a large majority of all traumatic brain injuries and others, such as bicycle accidents are less likely but still account for several instances of serious brain injuries.

Whiles the causes of a brain injury may seem insignificant after the fact when confronted with the reality of rehabilitation and ongoing medical costs, the importance of understanding how the injury occurred and learning to prevent future accidents can not be underscored. Consumer and workplace safety organizations exist in part to help prevent brain injuries in the first place. They also work to monitor and hold accountable organizations that are responsible for exposing individuals to increased risk of traumatic brain injuries. Research institutions continuously study the “cause and effect” of brain injuries to help find more suitable and effective treatments for victims. Engineers explore new ways to design products such as helmets and vehicles so we are better protected from the trauma of a head injury.

While the importance of recovery and rehabilitation should continue to gain precedence in the fight against traumatic brain injuries, there is much to be learned from the causes themselves.