Interested? This site was focused on helping people who have suffered from TBI. With over forty (40) pages on the site, custom developed specifically for easy read and systematic walk-through of what folks need to know dealing with this type of injury. Although, our goals and direction changed over time, we wanted to keep this going, since we were getting more than 700 new unique people each day. This deal includes this website and all accounts attached to this brand. Make us an offer or a deal simply by contacting us at:

About is built upon the principle of providing free access to accurate and up-to-date information for brain injury survivors and their families. Our mission is to provide public education in the areas of brain injury research and to assist families whose lives have been changed as a result of a traumatic brain injury. provides information for all areas of brain injury from prevention, emerging technology, areas of new research, and more through to recovery. Our work thrives through our dedication to research and outreach. We are constantly working with medical professionals and attorneys throughout the country who specialize in the fields of traumatic brain injury research and recovery to provide you with all of the information you need in order to understand, educate or provide aid in the recovery from a traumatic brain injury.

We endeavor to foster relationships with leading research facilities, survivor support groups, consumer product manufacturers and safety organizations throughout the country. Our research and support organization exists through the funding of attorneys throughout the country who specialize in aiding traumatic brain injury survivors and support the effort to create a centralized “new media” resource for the family members, care givers and survivors whose world has been altered due to a traumatic brain injury.